Before we get into it let’s just first talk about all the questions which people often ask us about “Uttar Basti Treatment”.

Modern science has been developed tremendously, however it still can’t beat “AYURVEDIC METHODS” which have been curing people in a natural way for thousands of years.

Uttar Basti Therapy for Fallopian Tube Blocked

What is “Uttar Basti Treatment”?

Uttar Basti Treatment is one of the part of “Panchkarma Therapy”.  It involves the treatment of women’s reproductive organs in which liquid medicines are administered through vaginal routes in order to cure a disease relating to – Tubal Blockage, PCOD, Endometriosis, Uterine Disorders, Dysmenorrhea, Primary Infertility etc.

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It might take 7 days or more for the completion of this treatment. In this treatment, medicines are used in the form of Kawatha/Kashaya. This treatment is given to both male and female through the urinary passage. The best time to get this treatment is early morning 7-8 or in evening 7-8.

What are the benefits this treatment?

Uttar Basti being almost non-invasive, with minimum recurrences and most economical, easy to practice OPD procedure, can be the treatment of choice in uretheral stricture. Given below are the few benefits of uttarbasti:

  1. It improves the functioning of reproductive system in both male and female.
  2. It insure or restore proper blood supply to uterus to boost fertility in females.
  3. It nourishes rejuvenate uterus health.
  4. It helps to remove increased Doshas or to regularize the imbalanced Doshas.
  5. To cleanse the uterus and male reproductive organs.

How it is performed?

It is usually in the form of medicated oil or ghee. Given below are the steps in which uttarbasti is performed on a female patient:


  • It is an OPD based procedure. In which doctor will perform all the required steps.
  • Medicated oil or herbal decoction, is introduced with a help of rubber catheter into the uterine cavity under asptic conditions.
  • Usually it is done after the cessation of menstrual flow.
  • It has to be done with utmost care and caution.

Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj At ACTIVE AYU LIFE, she has 8 years of experience in Ayurveda and treated tons of patients making them parents of many healthy babies within a period of 6 months treatment. No surgeries were required and all the treatment was done in natural ways.

With a strong educational background in Ayurveda, Dr. Ruchi has the expertise in the treatment of women’s health issues including – Menopausal Disorders, Uterine Fibroids, PCOD, Tubal Blockage, Vaginal Infections, Infertility issues etc.

Setting up the Active Ayu Life clinic and Panchkarma Centre (Accredited by NABH), Dr. Ruchi intends to bring about consciousness to physical as well as mental well being in people. She is one the most rated and best doctor in West Delhi.

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