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Stress, depression, and anxiety are terms that are not only “words and problems but are the deep meaning and cause of concern. Today people are neglecting these terms, but there is a need to take concern on these topics. Depression is the worst stage of human life as it binds our brain to inactive imagination. Today about 80% of the world population is living under stress and anxiety conditions. But the flashing point is that there is a need to solve the problem faster. Today in this topic, we are covering the major issues related to stress and depression and also provide you with methods to get rid of your stress naturally. If you are looking for best natural treatment for depression in Vikaspuri then you are at the right place. 

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Let us start with our highlighted topic: what is the actual meaning of depression?

What is the term “depression”? 

Depression is the most common mental disorder. It is a mood disorder in the elderly and contributes to significant psychological and physical distress, physical disability, and higher transience. Many of our senior citizens face tough changes such as – the death of a spouse or chronic illness. 

Depression is also a significant reason for most of the suicide cases we hear daily because this is not a minor problem. It totally controls the patient’s abilities and makes their situation worse. So it is mandatory to consult with the best doctor for Depression Treatment in Vikaspuri.

There are some significant points related to depression:-

  • Depression can happen to a person at any time because there is no specific way and cause for this problem. It all starts with “overthinking.”
  • There are different stages and degrees of depression. So it is necessary to take a treatment or consult with a doctor when it comes to knowing at the Minor stage.
  • It is also surveyed that women are more likely to have depression than men. About ⅓ of women are living in a condition of high depression.

Consult with Dr. Ruchi Bharadwaj ayurvedic specialist in Vikaspuri.

How do people come to the learning stage of depression?

Well, everyone has their segments of life, and the reason for depression is not stuck to one because there are many causes of depression. Causes differ from person to person as everyone has faced something terrible in their life, which may further result in “depression stages.”


  • Due to age- as people get older and reach the age of their 60s, they start feeling alone, and this situation in older people gives rise to “depression.”
  • Due to any incident:- experience matters a lot so, anything worst that happened in the past creates a negative memory which may cause problems of depression.
  • Death of a person:- the end of beloved ones also makes us the condition depression
  • There are many other reasons, too:- Sexual abuse, critical health condition, etc.
    If you are suffering from any of these, make sure to consult with the doctor.

Well, many people can’t distinguish between actual sadness and depression, but there are some symptoms that differentiate between these two factors such as:- Depression Treatment in Vikaspuri

Some signs of depression:-
categorized by sadness, loss of interest, pleasure, feeling of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep, poor appetite, low energy, and poor concentration. Even you can feel some other primary feelings, too, such as the feeling of suicide and alone.

Well, every problem indeed has a solution. If you are looking for a natural treatment for depression rather than any other medicines, then don’t worry because here, reading below you will come to know about the natural treatment for Depression Treatment in Vikaspuri.

Women's health and depression:-

Many women face a lot of depression just because of their reproductive health. Such as miscarriage, after-baby depression, heavy menstrual cycle depression, PCOD/PCOS problem (best PCOS treatment in Vikaspuri) tubal blockage problem (natural tubal blockage treatment in Vikaspuri), and infertility problems (natural infertility treatment in Delhi), it is mandatory to first look after the reproductive health problems because delaying these problems can even make you fall into a terrible stage of depression. Consult Dr. Ruchi Bharadwaj 

09999442361 for a natural way to cure these problems.

Consuming heavy doses and other medicines is also one of the significant causes of depression. In order to give you relief from your depression, we are suggesting a natural treatment for your depression. In the terms of Ayurveda, there is 99% curable treatment for depression problems. Active Ayu Life provides the best natural medicines for depression in Vikaspuri . Depression Treatment in Vikaspuri

Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment in Vikaspuri/ Shiro Basti
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Nasyam Therap
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Why trust ayurvedic treatment for depression?

Ayurveda recognizes that many physiological and environmental factors can contribute to depression and anxiety, including poor diet, weak digestion and metabolism, a hectic lifestyle, and numerous environmental factors. Symptoms of depression and anxiety can also be triggered by excessive mental and physical stress. All of these contributors can result in an accumulation of impurities and imbalances that interfere with the body’s natural biological rhythms.

Here we are leading as the:- 

Best doctor for depression in Vikaspuri
Natural treatment for depression in Vikaspuri
Ayurvedic treatment for depression in Vikaspuri
Best ayurvedic medicines for depression in Vikaspuri

Posture Correction Treatment in Vikaspuri

Panchkarma treatment for depression:-
Dr. Ruchi Bharadwaj a panchakarma specialist for depression will cure your chronic depression naturally. Ayurveda is all about understanding the concept of mind or Manas. Panchakarma is a detoxifying therapy of the body that cleanses your deep mind and makes your body and your soul relax. After the panchakarma treatment of Dr. Ruchi Bharadwaj, you will clearly avail yourself of many benefits such as:-

  • Authentic state of mind
  • Positive living
  • Improve your digestion and respiration
  • Make you happy from your inner soul
  • Rejuvenate your inner strength
  • A good sign of your increasing immunity


Why choose Active Ayu Life?

Choosing the Active Ayu Life for your anxiety and depression problem is probably the best solution for you. Active Ayu Life provides the best Ayurvedic all types of depression treatment. It is a people-friendly pro-health clinic that revolves around the idea of Detoxification & Bio Purification of Mind, Body & Soul.

We not only give you hope but also give you quality and 99% curable results with the best most natural medicines.

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