Panchakarma Treatment in Vikaspuri

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment in Vikaspuri

A strong and fit body with panchakarma! 

Well, there’s a nice saying that “it’s better to live a healthy and natural life rather than depending upon medicines” and this is absolutely true. We know that taking care of our bodies is the utmost duty of our life but due to the hustle and bustle of age people are not having enough time to look after their health and their body too. Mental and physical are the two many prospects of a healthy life. But the fact is that due to scheduling life people are unable to maintain their physical and mental health which further leads to many problems. 

But take a pause and read this article below because today we will provide you with the natural and the most subtle ways how you live prosperously and an energy-boosting life without any stress and in a natural way.  If you are looking for ayurvedic panchakarma treatment in Vikaspuri. Then you are on the absolutely right path! 

How to live a natural body-fit life? 

A natural body fit life itself means opting for ayurvedic therapy. Today, Ayurveda is the most powerful health term in the world which is now making people fit and healthy in their physical and mental health. Ayurveda helps people to live an optimistic life with a better and more confident form of life. Today more than 90% of people are curing themselves by Ayurveda. Whether it’s women’s health or inner wellness one can make themselves energetic with Ayurveda therapy. Get the best Panchakarma Therapy in Vikaspuri. 

Panchkarma: the solution to all the problems- 

Panchakarma is ostensibly the most important branch of Ayurveda. Panchakarma literally translates to “Five Actions,” a fitting name for a technique that relies on five unique basic acts to govern the body: Vomiting, Purgation, Niruham, Anuvaasan, and Nasyam. In other words, Panchakarma is a foundation upon which the majority of Ayurvedic procedures are built. 

Panchakarma is a therapy that includes detoxifying your body from every part. It removes all the impurities and toxic waste from the body and works as a purity agent. Panchkarma is the most important and the most magnificent of ayurvedic values. Consult now with dr Ruchi Bharadwaj panchakarma specialist in Vikaspuri.

There are two types of panchakarma treatment available:-

  • Oleation:- Oleation is the application of oil or an oily material to the body. Ayurveda offers a variety of oils, usually for topical application, manufactured from various homegrown and mineral constituents.
  • Fomentation:- in this process, the toxic materials and tissues melt from the body

What are some of the benefits of panchakarma:- 

There are many benefits of choosing panchakarma therapy such as:- 

  • It purifies our body:- panchakarma helps to purify our body and helps in the removal of waste material from our body. Purification includes the relaxation of the physical body and even it calms our mind and gives our body relief from problems such as depression and stress. 
  • Helps to improve the metabolism:- panchakarma helps to improve the metabolism of the body and higher metabolism means higher strength, productivity, relaxation, and immunity. And thus metabolism plays an important role in the female reproductive system. So, it is necessary to opt for a higher metabolism. 
  • Relieves stress and depression:- One can make themselves free from all stress and depression by opting for panchakarma treatment. Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj is one of the best panchakarma specialists in Vikaspuri. 
  • Make your body relax:- it helps to relax your body and gives you inner satisfaction. Panchakarma is one of the most gracious ways to relax your body.

What is panchakarma therapy? 

Panchakarma therapies are those therapies that help to make our minds and souls calm. 

You can’t opt for these therapies by yourself, instead, you need a consultant who will give you the knowledge and the know-how of these therapies within particular durations. You can consult with Dr. Ruchi Bharadwaj for panchakarma treatment in Vikaspuri. 

There are usually 5 types of panchakarma treatments such as:- 

  • Naysa
  • Basti
  • Vierchan
  • Vaman
  • Raktamokshan

Vaman (Emesis Therapy or Vomiting):- 
In this process problems such as hyperacidity (natural treatment of hyperacidity in Delhi), weight gain, cough, and other problems are treated. These problems arise because of the dominant Kapha dosha in the body. Active ayu life helps you to burn out and melt all these problems from deep inside of your body’s tissues through vomiting.


Virechana (Purgation):- 
In this problem such as constipation
natural treatment of constipation in Vikaspuri), weight reduction, and jaundice are curable in natural ways. It is believed that all these problems are dominated by pitta dosha. In this process, the patient is given herbal and natural ayurvedic medicines which help to cure all these problems. It helps to purify the body by removing toxins from the guts and bowels. 

It is a Medicated enema, planned by our expert. There are 2 types: – 1. Niruh Basti 2. Anuvasan Basti. It helps to pacify Vata & diseases such as joint disorders, Paralysis, Arthritis, Urinary disorder,
PCOD, and Reproductive disorder, Habitual Abortions, and Sciatic.  It helps to pacify Vata & diseases such as joint disorders, Paralysis, Arthritis, Urinary disorder, PCOD, and Reproductive disorder, Habitual Abortions, and Sciatic.

In this, the problems of (head) such as stress, sleep irregularities, chronic disorders, and many more are curable with natural ayurvedic oils and treatments. This therapy is made especially for head areas. In this, the head and shoulders are given a relaxing massage and then the nasal drops are regulated in both the nostrils which helps in relaxing the inner mind and head problems. 


It is a process in which Leech Therapy, Wet cupping therapy, and letting of blood from the cubital vein are done to purify the blood & eliminate the impure blood. It helps in varicose veins, Strobes, Skin disease, Arthritis, Hairfall, and Pittaj Vyadhi. panchakarma-treatment-in-Vikaspuri

In all these therapies the one thing which plays an important role is diet. It is mandatory to take a nitrous diet in all these therapies. So make sure to opt for a good and balanced diet. 

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