Uttar Basti Therapy for Fallopian Tube Blocked

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Deal with infertility & counseling couples around you is not an easy task (Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj) kills you in the commercial market when you can see advertisements like one cycle of IVF free with one cycle means already gives you an indication that your Ist cycle IVF will not succeed.

The reproductive system of female needs more attention & time to detox (Panchkarma) to a regular menstrual cycle to regulate hormones. Females are unable to conceive with many factors. But the main factor nowadays that makes more than 40% of couples infertile is a tubal blockage. Fallopian tube blockage means your tubes that allow sperms travel to meet with the female egg & make fertilization successful is now blocked due to any infection like PID, tuberculosis, endometriosis & surgery.

Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj explaining fallopian tubes are the connection between the uterus & ovaries. Fallopian Tubes are the only way for the meeting egg & sperm. If there is any blockage in this way ovum & sperm never meet up for fertilization. So tubal blockage is only responsible for 35-40% of cases of female infertility


Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj writes about her clinical experiences with Ayurvedic diagnosis & treatments for infertility

In Tubal blockage female infertility cases modern science offers IVF only & said that if once your tubes are blocked then they can’t be functional, then they get tubes clamped, So that infection does not reach the uterus, But then also females don’t fall pregnant with IVF.

In Ayurveda, female fertility depends on Ritu (menstrual cycle), Kshetra (ultra), Amba (nutrition), Beej (seeds, sperm & ovam). Means it not only relates to hormones but even to structures related to female reproductive organs & nutritional values in her body & fallopian tubes are main for carrying Beej Rupi Artava – egg.


Uttar Basti for Tubal Blockage

Now let’s talk about solutions for blocked fallopian tubes. Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj treated many cases in which IVF failed for women with tubal blockage. What to do if couples cannot pay heavy IVF expenses? So yes in Ayurveda without surgery totally painless & pocket-friendly treatment for tubal blockage that is called Uttar Basti.  Uttar Basti is the treatment mentioned in Samhitas & Ayurved Tests, where some Ayurvedic preparations are administrated through uterine tracts.

So don’t worry about your blocked fallopian tubes Uttar Basti is a simple procedure that should be done by only Ayurveda doctors, who have expertise in this. These are not the only chances for any kind of pain, medicine & instruments use in Uttar Basti sterilized before the procedure. It depends on where the tubes get blocked, means which end of the tubes & what was the reason, only then an expert can let you know how many sessions will go in one cycle & with which medicine/ oil doctor will do Uttar Basti. So if you are suffered from blocked fallopian tubes then choose Ayurveda only to unblock them & make tubes function again. Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj has the expertise to treat blocked fallopian Tubes treated so many cases till now.

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