Ayurveda Treatment and Panchakarma Therapy for pcod

Best Panchakarma Therapy for PCOD - Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj

Ayurveda Treatment and Panchakarma Therapy for PCOD

PCOD is a disease that affects 70 percent of women today. Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj explains why this condition affects women's menstruation and fertility.

What is PCOD? What are the Reasons for This?

That is, the ovaries of women increase the male hormone androgen and thus the luteinizing hormone. As a result, the level of follicle stimulating hormone decreases and mature eggs are not produced. This process causes irregular menstruation.

There is a rhythm to our life. Similarly, each organ in the human body has its own rhythm. Let's look at the heart itself as an example. It also works in a rhythm. When this rhythm gets disturbed, we get sick. Such irregularities give rise to diseases like PCOD.

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The onset of this disease is based on the lifestyle we have been accustomed to since childhood. In most women, this disease is detected at an early age. People diagnosed with this condition  experience excessive hair growth, irregular periods and sometimes heavy bleeding. In women, excessive hair growth can be seen on the abdomen, lips, breasts and face. Not only this, the most common symptom of this disease is weight gain.

Similarly, male pattern baldness and darkening of the skin will start. Sometimes this extreme dark color can be seen under the breasts and around the neck. Similarly, people with PCOS are more prone to acne. Some people may also have frequent headaches during this time.

It is still not clear why this disease mainly occurs. According to Ayurveda, the main cause of PCOS is the lifestyle adopted by women. Eating too much spicy food, eating flour and eating at irregular times, all these affect the rhythm of our life and the functioning of our organs.

This type of lifestyle increases the level of androgens in the body and also increases the level of insulin. An increased level of both of these in a woman's body increases the risk of PCOS.

How to cure PCOD with Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy?

Ayurveda mainly prescribes some diet for this disease. But most of the people hesitate to go for Ayurveda diet. Because it is a misconception that Ayurvedic medicines are not used to get results. But it is important to understand that it is not for medicines but for the treatment of your disease.

As far as PCOD is concerned, as mentioned above, it is heavily influenced by lifestyle. If you follow a regular lifestyle for everything then the chances of diseases like PCOS are also less. If you wake up on time, eat healthy food on time and sleep well, you can curb lifestyle diseases.

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lifestyle to follow

1. Try to sleep when there is no sunlight. Means afternoon sleep is not good. When there is no sunlight, the body repairs itself at night.
2. It is mandatory to get used to getting up at least before seven in the morning.
3. Avoid spicy food. These types of foods disrupt the rhythm of the body.
4. It is good to avoid red meat and chicken which causes hormonal changes.
5. It is not good to get used to chicken, as well as fried and fried dishes and foods.
6. Avoid bakery products. Especially sweets and food items made of flour.
7. Exercise is most important. It is best to exercise in the morning. Because a day begins and we have our own freshness. It can be done tension free. Similarly, going to the gym as a group is something that energizes us.
8. Be careful in eating foods rich in fiber.

Apart from this, there are Panchakarma therapies of Ayurveda, given along with good lifestyle, which cures PCOD in a very short time and balances the hormones of women. So now if you also have PCOD problem, then don't worry at all, follow the path of Ayurveda and fulfill your dream of living PCOD free life within just 3 months.

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