Chiropractic Treatment in Vikaspuri, Delhi

Chiropractic Treatment in Vikaspuri, Delhi - Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a technique which emphasizes manual manipulation of body’s muscle tissue and bones. It makes your rigid body more relaxed and relieved. It is drug-free.

It involves body stretching, focus on joints, muscles and spine. Manual manipulation implies that detection and treatment both are carried out with hands.

Chiropractic physicians focuses on body’s ability to heal itself. They are specialized in it. Chiropractic is patient -centred. An initial consultation will take place before any active treatment or management begins.

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What are its benefits?


Chiropractor uses physical manipulation, stretching and gentle massages in order to:

  • Relieve muscle tension

  • Reducing pain
  • Reduction in stress
  • Potential for better posture
  • Enhances body awareness in patients
  • Increased mobility and flexibility in joints and muscles
  • Increasing supply of blood to the tissues

They use wide range of techniques for pain relief without any medicines or surgery.

In addition to spinal manipulation, the chiropractor may include other factors/ treatments also like:

  • Stimulation in muscles
  • Hot & Cold treatment
  • Exercise
  • Diet and weight loss counselling

When it is used?


Patients who have been suffering from pain or injuries in muscles, bones or joints or any dysfunction may see the chiropractor with the following reasons:

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder or elbow pain
  • Knee, foot, and ankle pain
  • Postural problems (swayback, slouch, lordosis, scoliosis)
  • Sports injuries
  • Pelvic, hips or leg pain
  • Muscle and joint pain linked with driving, work or pregnancy
  • They can also treat “arthritic joint functioning”. Depending on the type of arthritis the chiropractor may provide gentle manipulation to increase range of motion and reduce muscle spasms.

If you’re pregnant, then before going to the chiropractor you should consult about symptoms with your doctor.

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What does a Chiropractor do?


Chiropractor treat pain, aches, creaks or strains with hand movements and gentle pressures.

Treatments that a chiropractor may include:

  • Exercises and Stretches: To re-establish and maintain joint stability and mobility.
  • Adjustments: To gently realign joints to decrease pain and increase range of motion.
  • Soft-tissue Therapy: To relax tight muscles and relieve spasms and tensions in connective tissues that surrounds each muscles(fascia).
  • Joint bracing or taping: To support sprained joints or muscles as they heal.

Here at Vikaspuri, West Delhi’s best chiropractor awarded as

“Best clinician 2016 for Holistic Health in West Delhi” and,

Chiropractic Treatment in Vikaspuri, Delhi

“Dr. Abdul Kalam National Icon 2019” - Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj is an internationally renowned Chiropractor and PhysicalTherapist. He has the honour of introducing highly advanced treatment techniques like “Kinesiology Sports Taping”, “Osteopathy”, and “Chiropractic Ultralign Technology” for the first time in West Delhi. He and his team have saved thousands of patients from having surgeries.

He had also treated many VIPs and Elite Sports persons.

His clinic i.e., ACTIVE AYU LIFE is situated in Vikaspuri, West Delhi.


If you’re also looking for a finest doctor in Delhi, then “ACTIVE AYU LIFE” is the right choice for you.

For appointment or treatment guidance queries you can visit our website mentioned here:


Que: How do I consult a Chiropractor?

Ans: You can visit our website: , where you can consult our doctor via online consultation or by personal appointment.

Que: How often should I visit a Chiropractor?

Ans: It has been prescribed by the doctors that depending on a patient condition many chiropractorsrecommend monthly appointments as a means of physical maintenance.

Que: Who is the most famous chiropractor in Delhi?

Ans: Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj is one of the best chiropractors in Delhi. He is known for hishighly advanced treatment techniques like “Kinesiology Sports Taping”, “Osteopathy”, and “Chiropractic Ultralign Technology” for the first time in West Delhi.

Que: Is chiropractic treatment safe in India?

Ans: Yes, it is one of the safest treatments without using any other drug or medication. At “Active Ayu Life” all the physio therapist is professionally trained with years of experience.

Que: What is the best form of chiropractic?

Ans: There are various forms of chiropractic technique available. It depends on what kind of treatment you would be getting as per your body ache/pain.

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