Back Pain Treatment in Delhi

Back Pain Treatment in Delhi Finding Relief and Regaining Mobility

Back Pain Treatment in Delhi: Finding Relief and Regaining Mobility - Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj

Living with chronic back pain can significantly impact one's quality of life. The discomfort and limitations it imposes can hinder daily activities and cause emotional distress. In Delhi, a bustling metropolis, it is crucial to find effective treatments for back pain that restore mobility and alleviate discomfort. This article explores various treatment options available in Delhi for individuals seeking relief from back pain. From conventional approaches to alternative therapies, we will delve into the solutions that can help individuals regain their well-being and lead a pain-free life.

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Pain Management Clinics in Delhi

Back pain treatment in delhi - Top Clinics and Specialists 

Delhi boasts several renowned pain management clinics with experienced specialists dedicated to diagnosing and Back pain treatment in Delhi. These clinics offer advanced diagnostic techniques, personalized treatment plans, and comprehensive care to provide patients with effective pain management.


Plantar fascia is a strong, fibrous attachment that starts from heel to toes. It helps to maintain the arch of foot. Planter facilitis also known as policeman heal. 

It is the condition occurs due to shortening of the thick band of the tissues which connects heel bone to toes (planter fascia). Patient come with the complaint of stabbing pain with generally occurs in the early morning.  Pain will further decrease in the day but again returns after prolong standing. It is mostly seen in runners and overweight people.


Exact cause of plantar fasciitis is not understood well yet but any stress on the faciaa leads to its micro tear and inflammation.
Certain factors which increases the chances of occurring plantar fasciitis are as follows- 
-Occupation (Prolong standing job )
-Body weight 
-Mechanism of foot -Abnormal gait pattern

Not taking the conditions seriously could leads to chronic heel pain .


1. Medications- NSAIDs like Aspirin reduces pain and inflammation.
2. Icing-  Rolling of iced water bottle with foot is recommended to reduce inflammation & pain. 3.stretching - stretching of calves and fascia should be performed. 
4. Comfortable & supportive footwear - Hard slippers or shoes can increase the pain and inflammation,so cushioning of the shoes or soft slippers are recommended. Patient should not walk barefoot.

Back pain is very common nowadays because of the sedentary lifestyle and wrong posture. The best way to prevent back pain and maintain a healthy back are by keeping muscle strong and flexible, practicing proper lifting techniques and maintaining a healthy body weight.

The best treatment for backpain is physiotherapy as it gives relief from the pain conservatively and does miracles.Early diagnosis of the condition is necessary to prevent the condition from deteriorating further. So, consulting experience doctor for assessment is as important as taking the best treatment.

Dr Dinesh Bhardwaj who is the best physiotherapist, known for his conceptual and advanced skill knowledge of this field treats the patient suffering from back pain and his patient has got more than 70% of  relief in just first visit.

Back pain treatment in Delhi is suitable when treated with the best as doctor Dinesh Bhardwaj, he believes in  the holistic approach in assessing and treating his patients and has helped them avoiding the major surgeries. His treatment is not only constructed in subsiding the pain but he also treat the root cause of it.The goal of treatment is to reduce pain and restore function, strength, and prevent injury reoccurrance.

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