Skin Rejuvenation is a very famous ayurvedic facial therapy which can be characterized as a pure ayurvedic skincare treatment. This herbal and natural pack contains various sorts of herbs, therapeutic plants, juices of plants, oils, ghee, decoction, etc. are utilized that are free from side effects.

Face treatment with Ayurvedic herbal mask. It has a profound effect on the facial skin – reduces wrinkles, smooths the skin tone, reduces runoff and dark circles under the eyes.

It has beautifying properties. Refreshes the skin appearance, reduces the wrinkles, smooths the complexion. Affects the bags and dark circles under the eyes. Reduces the water retention in the face. It has rejuvenating properties

Active Ayu Life treatments have the capacity to make your skin glow, with renewed confidence and radiance. We have separate treatments for all skin types, oily skin and dry skin. Treatments include Njavara Mukha Lepam, Lavanya Mukha Lepam, Chandana Lepam, Kumari Lepam, Dhadhi Lepam.