Posture is the way we use our muscles to hold ourselves while sitting, standing or lying down. Without posture, we would just fall to the ground or even crawl on all fours. Your posture has been developed over years of unconscious conditioning. Muscles are just tuned to walk, lie down, and sit a certain way because of the way you have been doing so, over the course of your lifetime.

Postural realignment involves a postural assessment, advice about your posture, and exercises to help you improve your posture. At Active Ayu Life, all of the physiotherapists will look at your posture in the treatment session.

Bones, hamstrings, tissues and other back muscles are the main factors responsible for the posture you maintain. Posture is a result of the functioning of your musculoskeletal system.

It’s not just how you sit, it’s the way you move. It’s the dynamic development of habits and reflexes that you pick up over time. It can be affected by many things like age (senior citizens tend to hunch more), pregnancy (pregnant ladies tend to move around differently as they get accustomed to the extra weight), or the weight you carry (children with heavy backpacks tend to adjust and slouch to carry the weight).