Acidity is a common condition that most of us have come across. It is a condition of excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid (essential in digestive process) in stomach. In ayurveda acidity is called amla pitta. This means that there is an imbalance of pitta dosha. Pitta dosha is the one accountable for acid indigestion. Kapha generated mucous and controls the digestive juice. indigestion due to weak metabolism and mucous accumulation are the symptoms in acid reflux.

The intensified pitta baskets the jathragni. This results in inappropriate digestion of food which results in producing toxins i.e. aama. The toxins block the digestive channels which results in hyperacidity. Ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity is very beneficial as hyperacidity ayurvedic medicine comes with quick relief and no side effects to bother about.  Hyperacidity ayurvedic treatment have always been in demand.

Complications of acidity comprises severe pain in abdomen, excessive vomiting, gastric ulcers etc. Ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity and its complication, is treated by best acidity doctors in Delhi using hyperacidity ayurvedic medicines. Active Ayu Life provides world class Ayurvedic treatment. Following are the treatment which you will at Active Ayu Life :

  • Pitta Shamak Chikitsa
  • Shaman Aushadhi Chikitsa
  • Basti Chikitsa

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