Healthy, long and vivacious hair helps a lot in the improvement of personality. So, keeping hair in a healthy state is completely vital for human-being, because just like the face, hair is also a mirror of a healthy state of the body. Disorders like hair fall, greying of hairs, dandruff are common amongst young adults today, causing stress and inferiority complex among people. According to Ayurveda, all the ailments and sufferings are due to the conflict and imbalance of the Doshas. Therefore, the chief aim of Ayurvedic therapies is to treat disorders, prevent disease and rebalance the body Dosha, Malas (Excretory waste), Mana (Mind) and Gunas (Spiritual connection). Hairs according to Ayurveda is diligently associated to Asthi Dhatu (Bone Tissue). Any product which upsurges Asthi Dhatu will accordingly help to progress the eminence of hair.

For hair treatment we have various kind of treatment, decide by patient’s constitution that also improve hair texture too.

  • Leech Therapy
  • Shiro Basti / Shiro abhyangam
  • Hair Pack
  • Aausdh Chikitsa

Hair fall may be due to several reasons :

  • Poor nutrition
  • Erratic and irregular lifestyle – late nights and long hours
  • Environmental factors such as pollution and climate
  • Stress, anxiety and tension and inadequate sleep or rest
  • These factors can lead to excess toxin build-up in the body.

In Ayurveda, hair fall is a direct by-product of the quality of your bone tissue. If there is weakness in the bone tissue, hair loss is a natural result. Active Ayu Life provide best Ayurvedic hair treatment with no side effects, and we have experienced and professional doctors with more than 8+ years of experience.

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