There are a number of untoward incidents that can affect your body. You can be aggrieved by painful Spinal Conditions or suffer from a gruesome Shoulder Pain or frozen shoulder. It does not matter whether you have Sports Injuries or are recovering from Post-Operative conditions. Well! One thing is for sure that whatever the diagnosis, or the cause all pains are awful and debilitating.

Quickly consult Active Ayu Life

If you find yourself suffering from any kind of pain that is not quickly resolving it is of utmost importance to consult Active Ayu Life reputed Physical Therapist. It is observed that early detection and treatment is of prime importance. However, our physical therapists can also get training in Functional Manual Therapy, and thus help people to become self-reliant.

In physical therapy, the therapist on reviewing the overall history and symptoms focuses on the intensity of pain. He/she can then devise a suitable program for you.


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