What is Cervical Pain? – A Complete Overview

The older you grow, the more come all the age-related medical conditions. Cervical spondylitis is a typical age-related medical problem that affects the joints and discs in the cervical spine. It is commonly known as cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis. A clear majority of 90% of the total world population aged 60 and above suffers from cervical pain.

Back pain stays for a few days or weeks in most cases. But if the pain persists longer for more than a month, it might require professional medical attention.

In some cases, cervical pain develops asymptomatically. Others might experience persistent, severe pain and stiffness. Even though it doesn’t make you bedridden such that you might have to take a break from your chores or job, it might get very annoying and hard to tolerate.

Symptoms of Cervical Pain

The most common symptoms of cervical pain or cervical osteoarthritis are:

Pain and Stiffness
• Pain in the middle or on either side of your neck and the shoulder blade. It often extends to the other parts of the shoulder or the upper chest.
• Pain or stiffness in the arm, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Tingling Sensation or Numbness
• Numbness or tingling down your arm muscles, bones, or tissues, sometimes extending to the fingers.

• Feeling dizzy while looking up or turning your head.

Muscle Spasms
• Pain and stiffness along one side of your body that make it difficult to move or tilt your head
• Abrupt hardening of a muscle or groups of muscles

The pain might increase when you try to stand, sit, try to sneeze or cough, or tilt your neck backward. A lack of balance and low bladder or bowel control are two other less common symptoms. But if these signs and symptoms are visible, you should immediately seek emergency medical intervention.

Causes of Cervical Pain

Cervical spondylosis is caused by wear and tear of the bones and cartilage in your neck. The following are some of the possible reasons for the condition:

Bone Spurs
They are overgrowths of bone caused by the bodily attempt to strengthen the spine by growing more bone. The excess bone can put pressure on sensitive regions of the spine, such as the spinal cord and nerves, causing discomfort.

Dehydrated of Spinal Discs
The thick, pad-like cushioning discs between your spinal bones, buffer the impact of lifting, twisting, and other movements. Over time, the gel-like substances inside these discs may dry out, which might make your bones brush against one other more. This can result in cervical pain after a prolonged time.

Disc Herniation
Spinal discs can develop fractures, allowing the interior cushioning material to seep out. It can result in excessive pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. It might cause symptoms like arm numbness and discomfort radiating down your arm.

Any kind of injury caused to the neck can hasten the aging process and in turn, cause chronic cervical pain.

Stiffness of the Ligaments
Ligaments are the thick cords that link your spinal bones to one another. They might stiffen over time, and limit your neck movement, making it feel tight.

Recurrent heavy lifting actions might result in additional strain on the spine, causing early wear and tear.

Treatment of Cervical Pain or Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical pain or cervical spondylosis treatments aim to relieve discomfort, reduce the risk of lasting damage, and help you live a normal life. If surgical methods are not something you prefer, a huge majority of nonsurgical techniques are highly successful, including chiropractic treatment in Delhi, thanks to the spine clinics in Delhi.

If you want, your doctor might refer you to a back pain specialist Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj. The advanced physical therapy treatment in Delhi NCR help create more space between the cervical joints. It in turn reduces strain on the cervical discs and nerve roots and helps alleviate the pain gradually.

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