How Easily We Can Open Blocked Fallopian Tube Using Ayurveda

Suffering from a problem of tubal blockage? Still, having a dream to have kids and a proper family? Cannot even carryout n IVF? Too tensed to take the risk of surgery? Dr Ruchi Bhardwaj has come with an excellent way of treating Tubal Blockage following the principles of Ayurveda. It is cost-effective none operative and is completely painless. Before coming to our way of treating the disease, let’s have an overview of the problem first.

Clinically defined, tubal blockage depicts a medical condition for the complete blockage of the fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes are tunnel-like tubal structures that are bilaterally located in the uterus of the female reproductive system connecting the ovaries with the fundus or body of the organ. Getting a cross-sectional overview, fallopian tubes. Contain numerous hair-like projections on it’s the inner wall, called cilia that produces propulsion guiding the newly secreted ovum from the ovaries to the uterine body for fertilization, one during each menstrual cycle. The tubal blockage is a serious medical condition that requires treatment because it will pose a hindrance to conceiving a child. The reason behind this is that it will neither allow the sperm to reach the ovum for effective fertilization nor will it allow the fertilized ovum to flow down to the uterine cavity. If the fallopian tube to s are partially blocked it will generally allow the ovum to get fertilized but the fertilized ovum will stick in the area of partial blockage leading to ectopic pregnancy (implantation of the zygote in sites other than the Uterus)
Though tubal blockages are usually asymptomatic, yet the most obvious symptom will be the absence of pregnancy in couples, having other medical conditions completely fit as a fiddle. In rare cases, the tubal blockage may produce a mild and persistent abdominal pain on any one side stick in lower abdomen. Some symptoms of the disease may result from the reason of the disease, for example, endometriosis often causes very painful and heavy periods & pelvic pain can increase the risk of the disease under discussion.
Tubal blockage may result from a variety of underlying conditions but the most potent ones are discussed below:-
i) The most common cause of tubal blockage is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease that can also result in scarring or Hydrosalpinx.
ii) Certain Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) like Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea may cause scarring and thus Tubal blockage treatment
iii) Endometriosis or building up of hard tissue inside the fallopian tubes may develop this disease too.
iv) Other potent causes of this disease may be a history of ectopic pregnancy, fibroid growths, past abdominal surgery, etc.
Tubal blockage may be diagnosed by Hysterosalpingography or HSG test.

Tubal blockage can be cured by surgery following the process of conventional allopathy treatment but this process is stressful, hectic, and includes certain postoperative risk factors. In this situation, Ayurveda has done an excellent job and provides a completely natural treatment for curing tubal blockage without any surgical complications.
Active ayu life is such a center that has brought this treatment effective and affordable to the common mass. The disease will be first diagnosed by HSG test and then a treatment course of 2-3months will follow. The patient will be instructed to visit the clinic for 3days after getting her periods. Ayurvedic medications will be delivered with proper sterilization in the area of tubal blockage and some additional medicines will treat the area effectively. This diagnosis will be based on the ‘Uttar Basti therapy’ of Ayurveda.
Why should you choose the treatment of Active Ayu life over conventional medical science?
i) The treatment will be nonsurgical without any pain.
ii) No postoperative complications or pain will be involved.
iii) It is a completely natural process of treatment.
iv) The treatment will be done following proper sterilization.

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