Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian Tubes are most common cause of female Infertility; more than 40% cases of
infertility due to Tubal Blockage in Medical Term generally used for Blocked Fallopian Tubes are
‘Tubal Occlusion’ that has no symptoms generally.
These Fallopian Tubes have three parts (Ends)
i. Conual End :- Part of Tube that attached with Uterus
ii. Medial End :- Middle part of Tube
iii. Distal End (Fibril End) – Part of tubes that attached with Ovaries and have finger like

In fallopian Tubes their are hair like structures that work in both directions; it helping an egg to travel from ovaries & helping sperm travel from vaginal route to Fallopian tubes to make fertilization
egg and again helps to travel this fertilization egg to women uterus.
In any part of fallopian tubes is blocked due to Tuberculosis, missed abortion and any infection then fertilization of egg impossible or in partial blockage of any or both tubes that can cause ectopic
pregnancy (Pregnancy in tubes).

Symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes

Blocked Tubes often do not show any symptoms, if any couple facing difficulty in conceiving then some
Test(HSG Test) suggested by Doctor that shows Tubal Blockage only.

Diagnostic Test of Tubal Blockage

HSG Test (Histosalpingraphy) is most trusted test to detect patently of Tubes.

Causes of Tubal Blockage

i. History of STDC (Sexually transmitted Disease)
ii. History of any Abdominal Surgery
iii. History of Tuberculosis
iv. History of missed abortion
v. Endometriosis
vi. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
In most cases, these conditions create Scar Tissues & adhesion then can block the tubes.

Treatment of Tubal Blockages:-

Generally after HSG test (that shows Tubal Blockage) doctor advised patients for
laparoscopy surgery for removal of blockage. But in Ayurveda at Active AyuLife Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj successfully treated many patients of Tubal Blockage without surgery and  pain. TheTreatment giving by Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj is totally Ayurvedic & solved Tubal Blockage problem within 1-3 months. With this treatment not only Tubal Blockage issue solved even  many patients  successfully conceived.
Contact : Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj
Active AyuLife
Mobile No. 9999442361

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